Brand Story

Vivekananda, a translucent personality of 19th century, a radiant cultural & spiritual ambassador of India, a profound practical visionary and an eloquent speaker of Vedanta, held a great sway on the hearts and minds of the people of the entire world in his own times and enjoys a great relevance in the modern contemporary world. His universal vision of brotherhood and (sisterhood!) creating a society free from chains of caste, colour and creed, integrating social, cultural and spiritual ways of life is a great motivation to us. Society today needs many more Vivekananda’s to bring human communityout of moral malaise and social turmoil that we understand alone can be accomplished through quality education.

Vivekananda’s vision of nurturing and nourishing such strong children who should have “Muscles of iron, nerves of steel inside which dwells a mind of the same material as a that of thunder-bold is made,” has been our watch–word . Our school logo from Vivekananda’s quote “Arise, Awake and Stop not, until the goal is reached”, has been a constant source of motivation to raise such a structure of education in our area, which should inculcate not only techno-savy people but also instill in them moral, social and secular vedantic cultural dimensions.

Determined and self-reliant, our young students will certainly emerge enlightened torch-bearers of our country. We, at VWS, will impart such a vibrant educational atmosphere that our children would automatically breathe and imbibe and would become creative, innovative and competitive.

Usually it is seen that the creativity and freshness of our children gets strifled as much stress is laid on cramming and rote-learning in our modern day scholastic systems .Today we need our own Edisons, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbergs, Larry Pages and Sergey Brins to fight out poverty, ignorance and disease in our country. We need our Vivekananda’s to usher peace and spiritual wisdom in the world. VWS endeavours to create truly integrated human beings, whose foundation certainly can alone be laid in the formative years of education.

Vivekananda World School is promoted by the founders of the Mohan Lal Bhaskar Foundation, which has been serving the community in and around Ferozepur for over 11 years. Knowing the ethics of the area, we identify the need for a state-of-the-art school that provides an international curriculum. With VWS, our endeavor is to impart quality educationto children in the border town of Ferozepur. It is the first day-boarding school in Ferozpur which enables an environment of development for the child.

Providing the right education enables children to be responsible citizens of the country and the world. A cohesive school community, VWS also works as a venue for social events like blood donation camps, free medical camps, literacy drives and art & theatre festival, etc.Developing a child’s overall personality is important to their future. We encourage students to identify and follow their passion—be it in drama, music, arts, communications or technology. The aim is to provide a platform that will enable each student to follow their own,individual path.


At VWS we aim to provide every child the opportunity to blossom in goodness so that he or she is rightly related to people, things and ideas, life as a whole. Our curriculum focusses not only on educational development, but it allows our students to explore, to examine his or her inward state and the capacity of going beyond it.

The day-boarding facility at VWS helps develop the values of co-operation, self-restraint, and sharing. The depth and breadth of our academic courses focuses on all-round development of students and does not burden them with hours of extra-classes or tuitions just to cope up with the pressure.

The world-class infrastructure at VWS has extensive opportunities for sports, like Indoor Shooting Range, Table Tennis, Pool Table, Carom, Chess, Basketball, Golf, Woodball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Taekwondo, Skating and fine arts, including dance and music for serious enhancement for the artistically inclined.