Class 1st

Grade- 1

Subject April
English Literature:
·         Ch- 2 At the farm (4p)
·         white sheep(Poem)(Role playing) (2p)
Grammar :
·         Sentences (2p)
·         Spell it  right
·         Chapter-3 :Describing Things
Writing : Time to write
Note : Periodic Test 1: Syllabus –April
Mathematics Chapter -3 Subtraction till 20(4p)
Practical: To Practise subtraction by playing cards
Subtraction- Example
  8                12
-3                 -9
—-              —-
—-              —-
Subtract on number line,
Write number names, Numerals, What comes after, before, between, compare, Ascending- descending order, Circle the bigger number, smaller number, tens and ones
Table- 3,4
Periodic Test-1      Syllabus- April
Computers Chapter-3 Parts Of A Computer (2p)
Practicals: To show students many parts of a computer
Hindi पाठ-3 (रविउठ )(इकीमात्रा)- श्रुतलेख,चित्रदेखकरनामपूराकरो , वाक्यपूराकरो ,समानशब्दपरगोला  (6p)
पाठ-4 (मालीकीबकरी) (ईकीमात्रा )- श्रुतलेख,चित्रदेखकरनामपूराकरो , वाक्यपूराकरो ,समानशब्दपरगोला , रंगोकेनाम(6p)
Periodic Test-1
Syllabus- April
EVS Chapter – 2 My body (4p)
Activity- to show models of various body organs in lab
Chapter-3 Looking After My Body(4p)
Activity- showing good and bad habits through Flashcards
Periodic Test-1
Syllabus- ch-1,2,4
Art Page no 12,17,22,24,25,19,35  
General Knowledge Chapter-5: Sporty fun
Chapter-6: Music to My Ears
Chapter-7: All about films
Chapter-8: Join the Dots(4p)
Moral Science Chapter – 2 :Do Good , Have Good (2p)
Chapter – 8 : I Love Nature(2p)
Punjabi   ਅੱਖਰਅਭਿਆਸ: ਕਵਰਗ
Pg No.17-28(4P)
ਸ਼ਬਦਬੋਧ : Pg No.- 4(2P)
ਚਿੱਤਰਦੇਖਕੇਸ਼ਬਦ, ਅਗਲਾ, ਪਿਛਲਾਅਤੇਵਿਚਕਾਰਲਾਅੱਖਰ,ਸਹੀਅੱਖਰਤੇਗੋਲਾ, ਚਿੱਤਰਦੇਖਕੇਸਹੀਸ਼ਬਦਨਾਲਮਿਲਾਨ (7P)
Periodic Test-1
Syllabus- April

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