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No Bag Day

Holistic Development @ VWS

Saturdays at Vivekananda World School: No Bag Days for Boundless Exploration

At Vivekananda World School, we believe in holistic education. That's why we've designated every Saturday as a "No Bag Day" to make students' weekends not just enjoyable but profoundly enriching.
On these special days, students dive into a world of exciting club activities designed to nurture their minds and bodies. From the Academic Decathlon and Matheletes for honing critical thinking and mathematical skills, to Writing opolis and Kathashala for fostering creativity and storytelling abilities, we offer a wide array of options.
Our clubs, such as English Weavers, Art Club, Nurture Health Club, Green Warriors, Performing Art Club and Heritage Club, cater to diverse interests. They promote communication skills, provide a foundation in mathematics, nurture health consciousness and deepen cultural understanding.
At Vivekananda World School, we transform Saturdays into a journey of exploration and growth, ensuring our students not only excel academically but also emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to face the world with confidence and knowledge. Join us in this exciting adventure!

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