Sports @ VWS

Nurturing Excellence and Character at Vivekananda World School

Vivekananda World School recognizes the profound impact of sports on a student's overall development. Our extensive array of sports offerings includes Cricket, Basketball, Fencing, Kickboxing, Shooting, Skating, Table Tennis, Chess, Martial Arts, Volleyball and more. These sports cater to diverse interests, ensuring that every student can find their niche and excel.
Sports at our school go beyond physical fitness; they instill values that last a lifetime. Our athletes learn sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork and discipline. Team sports like Basketball and Volleyball teach collaboration, while individual pursuits such as shooting and fencing emphasize precision and focus. Chess hones critical thinking, while Martial Arts & Kickboxing fosters self-discipline and self-defense capabilities.
We believe that sports are a vehicle for holistic development. They teach resilience, instill character and provide a platform for students to learn how to manage both victories and defeats gracefully. Vivekananda World School is not just where we nurture athletic excellence; it's where we shape well-rounded individuals who are physically fit, mentally agile and socially responsible. Join us in this journey where sports inspire excellence and character. Vivekananda World School: Where Sports Transform Lives.

- Our Sports Achievers -

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